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Pet foci in early expansions, part II

Posted: Thu Jul 26, 2018 4:54 am
by Adonhiram
Part II, the list by expansion

After having covered the way pet foci work in the precedent thread , it's time to give a list of pet foci for each expansion. We'll stop in TBS when the unique name line becomes the Enhanced Minion one (see part I). Min/Max level will be displayed, but not the so called « Pet Power » which is included in the spell data because it is totally meaningless (see part I). I'll try to cover also all items available having the focus, the problem is they added earlier era foci in later era expansions, so there might me some mistakes or omissions. The idea is to have a global overview of the hierarchy of foci as a quick reference list. The drop info focuses on in era item, usually unique, and summarizes out of era drops ; you can check yourself on Alla additional drop info you might need. As we are in the TLP section, Defiant gear will be skipped.

The impact on pet's stats has already been discussed in part I and there are two threads covering the topics : SoF+ pets here and an attempt to rebuild the tables for earlier era pets here.

From PoP onwards, the pet foci are available to MAG/BST/NEC. In Luclin, the only available focus is MAG/NEC. Classic foci are for MAG only, there used to be a NEC item dropping in Hate but I think it doesn't exist anymore (needs confirmation).

Reminder (see part I) : the min/max levels apply to the level of the spell used to summon the pet, not the level of the pet NPC. Very important to understand, especially from Classic to Luclin where the pet's actual level as a NPC is much lower than the spell level (the level 56+ Kunark summoning spells conjure level 48 elementals).

The table in the post below orders the foci according to their power hierarchy, that's why the LdoN vendor bought pet focus augment appears before Luclin era.

The hierarchy of pet foci

Posted: Thu Jul 26, 2018 6:08 am
by Adonhiram
The table to give you a quick overview :

ExpansionPet focus from weakest to strongestMin-Max LevelIn era dropsOut of era dropsComments
ClassicMinion of Air, Water, Earth, Fire4 to 49
→ Classic pets only
Temple of Sol Ro quest line for mages (Vira)NoneMAG only. Conflicting reports whether they actually work before level 34. They don't work on Kunark pets. Keep them ; two of them needed later for epic.
ClassicServant of Air, Water, Earth, Fire46 to 60
→ last Classic rank and Kunark pets
Staff of Elemental Mastery :
Air – Plane of Air quest
Water – Phinigel Autropos (Kedge Keep)
Earth&Fire – Magi P'Tasa (Hate)
The earth and fire staff will drop on easier mobs in Hate too, as male forsaken revenantsOnly Earth and Water of interest as they are used for mage epic 1.0
KunarkNoneNANANAEpic pet in Kunark ; the planar staves won't work on it.
Lost Dungeons of NorrathSummoner's boon59 to 70
→ Epic to OoW pets
Diamond Prism of Companionship – Merchant bought (North Ro 760 adventure points)Some items implemented later, but it's not worth mentioning considering the weakness of the focus and the fact it is already merchant sold in era. Adds +1 level to pets (needs confirmation).
LuclinMinion of Darkness56 to 75
→ last Kunark rank to TSS pets
Gloves of Dark Summoning – Thall Va Kelun (Vex Thal)Several items added in later expansion up to TBS. Worth mentioning Sphere of Swirling Flame in OoW era (Balancer Relik in RSS, groupable) and Sphere of Swarming Darkness in DoN era (merchant bought for 340 Ebon Crystals, solo)BST were added on the later items, but they can't use the in era drop. This focus adds +1 level to your epic pet and +2 levels to your PoP pets. Past PoP, only useful if you have no raid access to better foci.
Planes of PowerMinion of Eternity61 to 75
→ PoP to TSS pets
Symbol of Ancient Summoning – Bertoxxulous (Plane of Time B, phase 5)Same as before. Worth mentioning because it's really easy to get : Ruby Ring of Embellishment which drops from Primals in Yxtta (GoD) and The Sweeper (TBS) because it is tradable Doesn't work on epic pet ;
+3 levels on PoP pets
Legacy of YkeshaNoneNANANA
Lost Dungeons of NorrathRitual Summoning61 to 85
→ PoP to SoD pets
Cherished Companion Shard – Prison Break raid (Rujarkian Hills).Same system, but the main feature is the focus is on Qvic boots for the three pet classes and drops from goats, therefore easy to get in GoD era.+4 levels on PoP pets, +2 levels on OoW pets though.
Gates of DiscordMinion of Discord61 to 85
→ PoP to SoD pets
Gemstone of Dark Flame – ZMTZ in TxevuOnly two items in later eras ; note that it is on Zulaqua's cloak (Queen Pyrilonis, RSS in OoW) which is a decent alternative if you missed ZMZT in GoD and your guild is not yet Anguish enabled in OoW.+5 levels on PoP pets, in GoD era your pets will be level 65 !!
+2 levels only on OoW pets.
Omens of WarServant of Chaos66 to 85
→ OoW to SoD pets
On Anguish quest boots for the three pet classes, drops from Keldovan up to Hanvar, but uncommonly (the medal).Beside defiant drops on live, there is an achievement reward having this focus in Alaris era, too late for us !+3 levels on OoW pets
Dragons of NorrathNoneNANASee aboveYou will be more busy getting your Vish earring and cloak...
Depths of DarkhollowSpire Servant66 to 85
→ OoW to SoD pets
Vermilion Batfur Sash – Redfang the bat in DSK, 2d eventSeveral items, worth mentioning as it is solo/groupable in SoF era, two items with this focus drop from Fuelmaster XXI (Gyrospire Beza) and it can be summoned by the Cauldron line later on.I suspect +4 levels on OoW pets but ain't in DoD yet... it works on the gargoyle pet, all foci from DoD onwards will also focus the Servant line of pets.
Prophecy of RoNoneNANANot verified if PoR has out of era foci drops
The Serpent's SpineServitor of Scale71 to 85
→ TSS to SoD pets
On Ashengate/Frostcrypt quested arms for the three pet classes but also a direct itemization : Burning Heart of Sothgar – from Sothgar in Ashengate West raid.Worth mentioning, two items with that focus drop from a groupable mob in SoF era (Fuelmaster XI in Girospire Zeka) and an augment with this focus is buyable for 60 Chronobines from Zubuxoruk in the Void in SoD era.TBV
The Buried SeaEnhanced Minion I (or Servant of Solusek, see part I)71 to 85
→ TSS to SoD pets
On Solteris quest quest gloves for the three pet classes (150 phosphenes) but also a direct itemization : Spike Covered Loop – Solteris, 2d event (Deadly Swarm)Several items, worth mentioning is the buyable augment for 75 Chronobines from Zebuxoruk in SoD era and it can be summoned by the Cauldron line later on.TBV

Re: Pet foci in early expansions, part II

Posted: Thu Jul 26, 2018 6:27 am
by Adonhiram
And last, but not least, no, epic 2.0 doesn't change the level or stats of the pet. It is a clicky pet buff which grants a hp buff (+1000), an offensive proc (200 DD with 400 proc mod rate) and a defensive proc (4s stun to max 75).

Re: Pet foci in early expansions, part II

Posted: Thu Jul 26, 2018 6:02 pm
by Danille
Thanks so much for these guides. Mages everywhere rely on them to stay safe!

Re: Pet foci in early expansions, part II

Posted: Fri Jul 27, 2018 1:23 am
by Adonhiram
Let's not lose the ancient mage wisdom we accumulated over the years :-)

Additional info :

- on DBG forums, Kahna confirmed the Hate necro focus still drops, including on progression servers :
The Encyclopedia Necrotheurgia does still exist, and drop. It drops off hate minis.
- on DBG forums, Bose, whose server is already in TSS, said the Servitor of Scale focus added +3 levels to BST pets, so we assume it works the same for mages.

Re: Pet foci in early expansions, part II

Posted: Fri Jun 05, 2020 1:21 am
by Adonhiram
Addition regarding TSS and SoF

Adon has returned to Classic (and no, he is not with the rampaging kids on Aradune), but before that he came back to Ragefire and played in SoF era. To add some info :

-Servitor of Scale (TSS raid focus) adds +3 levels to TSS pets (your level 71 air pet will be 73) and +2 levels to SoF pets (your level 76 air pet will be 77). No, I am not bad at maths, in every expac the air pet conjuring spell conjures an unfocused (spell level - 1) level pet.

- Enhanced Minion III[ (SoF tier 2 raid focus, drops in Steam Factory raid) adds +3 levels to SoF pets (your level 76 air pet will be 78).

- Enhanced Minion IV[ (drops in MMM raid) and Enhanced Minion V (drops in Crystallos raid) both add +4 levels to SoF pets (your level 76 air pet will be 79). Of course, the EM V pet will still be better (hp, ac, max hit, applies to the gargoyle too).

But for now Adon will focus on broom, shovel, torch and stein, there is some poetry in it, oh yes. Madame Vira de Sol Ro, here I come :mrgreen: