Agnarr - Conjuration vs. Evocation (Specialization)

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Agnarr - Conjuration vs. Evocation (Specialization)

Thu Mar 01, 2018 4:01 pm

Agnarr is currently at SoL and I'm trying to decide whether to stay with Evocation spec or make the leap to Conjuration spec due to lack of new Evocation DD spells in SoL / PoP.

Through Velious, and even parts of SoL, (ignoring resists) "max damage" has been keeping Wrath of the Elements / Elemental Maestrom up 100% of the time and then tossing in as many Seeking Flame(s) of Seukor (3.891 dmg / mana) as possible. While I generally won't be beating out Wizards, this has allowed me to do a respectable amount of damage on most encounters.

While I have Shock of Fiery Blades, I don't use it at the moment due to it being slightly less mana efficient (3.863 dmg / mana) and the fact that I'm still Evocation spec'd.

If / when I happen to get Ancient Shock of Sun, I was planning to make the switch from Evocation to Conjuration spec as the mana efficiency (4.737 dmg / mana) of Ancient Shock of Sun is utterly insane.

Unfortunately we don't get an Evocation DD in PoP (unless I'm missing something), but we do get Black Steel (4.275 dmg / mana) and Sun Vortex (4.051 dmg / mana).

Based on this, Conjuration spec seems like the better pick on Agnarr once a Mage gets either Ancient Shock of Sun or either of the PoP Nukes?

Disclaimer: I'm not familiar with LoY or LDoN and what spells Mages get (if any) that would change things.
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Re: Agnarr - Conjuration vs. Evocation (Specialization)

Tue Mar 20, 2018 5:59 am

Hello Kirbstomp !

I am on extended afk, so just a quick answer :

- Yes, you may switch to Conj once you get Ancient: Shock of Sun (DO NOT USE the regular Shock of Fiery Blades, it sucks both dpswise and manawise) as it will become your primary nuke and it is Conj based.

- But, to be honest, assuming you are raidgeared and your guild is medium/larger size, you will not run OoM even during Vex Thal fights unlike in the old days. Even AHR fights will last just a couple minutes, the 15-20' fights you may remember from original Luclin days are over :-) So you might as well stick to Evocation, as the bolt is way better dps ; when raiding, it's a question of aggro, so you'll have to tweak and see what suits you best. Personnally, I sticked to Evo as I was waiting for LDoN and Burning Sand which you'll use a lot in your everyday use also, and which is Evo.

- Once in PoP, reswitch to Evo for the new PoP bolt (Firebolt of Tallon), it's just the superior nuke, not to speak of the advantage with the increased range. DO NOT USE Sun Vortex for the same reasons as Schock of Fiery Blades. Ancient: Schock of Sun becomes to weak dpswise, and you'll use all the time the bolt and the fast cast nuke (in Time for trash, the fast cast is just the way to go).

Note : I sticked to Evo both in Luclin and PoP and never ran into trouble with mana reserves, despite I was using a lot the secondary pets (falsely called 'swarm pets', aka Rage of Zomm and DDD) when soloing/grouping.

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