Level 98+ Solo Shards Landing (Don't bother with merc)

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Level 98+ Solo Shards Landing (Don't bother with merc)

Sat Apr 19, 2014 2:10 am

Sooner or later Beza dries up, you're sick of getting adds every pull at "The Grounds", and the elemental's in Valley are just too boring, so you step into Shard's Landing.

After some experimenting, I found out that once we get our level 98 delayed heal "Promised Amelioration" a lot of the single mobs we need mercenaries for can be just plain old soloed.

Shards Landing has a ring of beetles and snake mobs around the NPC/ Portal area. Ignore the beetles, as they can come in packs of two, but there are plenty of snakes (dubious con, not KOS) that all seem to be single pulls. At 98 I used the Air pet with Guild Lobby AFK'ed MGB's.

Go through your standard damage rotation, leave pet taunt off, stay on the snakes back and cast your level 95 Ruthless Servant whenever it's up. Outside of the damage that it does, with pet taunt off it will pull threat off of the air pet in about 10-14 seconds of doing damage. Your mileage may vary, but I casted my delayed heal every time it had poped and ended all the fights in great shape. These snakes will con dark blue/ white to you, which means they're a nice chunk of exp each kill.

Standard suggestions apply, keep your pet fully buffed (with velocity), and geared. Suspend your cleric mercenary well before you go out hunting, so after you pop your first round of Small/Medium/Large modulation shards, you can un-suspend, get healed to full, and re-suspend.

Also be sure to get a task from Master Hunter Jilare called "Snakes and Snakes". It's a nice little bonus for killing mobs you're already grinding on, builds into the Mercenary of Shards achievement, and gives rep with Hunters of Shards Landing, so why not?

Here's the task: http://rof.eqresource.com/snakesandsnakes.php

Unfortunately I'm not level 98, so I can't tell you what the exp would be like for a lesson burn, but if someone wants to try it and report back I can edit the post with your findings.
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Re: Level 98+ Solo Shards Landing (Don't bother with merc)

Sat Apr 19, 2014 9:44 am

excellent write up! thanks! :D
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Re: Level 98+ Solo Shards Landing (Don't bother with merc)

Tue Jun 10, 2014 3:16 pm

Pull with AA Malo & then cast Servant, then send your pet in ( air pet ) the stuns keep your servant-tank alive longer. Use your Summoned de-aggro swords to further reduce your pets aggro vs. the servants aggro, and your second summoned Servant-pet will also hold aggro over your primary pet for a time. Once you learn to do it right, you can solo without a merc healer against mobs much higher than those in Shards Landing. But I use a raid level focus's so both my summoned servants and dps are higher, thus, your results may vary.

I don't get very good experience doing lesson burns in SL.. have tracked it and was not impressed. My best results are in Resplendent temple, clearing the entire second ( third? ) floor.

Lunanyn is decent, too, while it's a hotzone ( better than shards, not as good as resplendent )
I clear the entire camp area and the 2 rice patties below it near the Mabus quest guy. It's dicey without a mercenary, bring your a-game, but it's fun and a challenge.
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Re: Level 98+ Solo Shards Landing (Don't bother with merc)

Fri Nov 06, 2015 2:07 pm

Working on getting back into game....I only have expansions up through RoF...is this still the best route for solo/molo exp level? Just asking, it has been a couple years since I last played.

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Re: Level 98+ Solo Shards Landing (Don't bother with merc)

Sun Nov 08, 2015 4:03 pm

When I was leveling 95+ CotF was already out so I had access to Heroic Adventures, but in the absence of those this is likely one of the better ways to gain XP. I also really like the Valley, but I'm guessing the XP slows down quite a bit in this level range.

Worth noting that in 10 days when TBM comes out (barring them pushing the release date back), CoTF, along with its HA's, will be opened up to F2P.

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