AA spots at 95 for 2 Mages / SHM ?

Levels 1 - 95.
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AA spots at 95 for 2 Mages / SHM ?

Tue Apr 29, 2014 5:18 am

What would be a good spot to get some AAs at 95 for 2 mage/shaman 3-box?

Additional info:
All accounts are heroics that is mages have 4600AAs and Shaman 5200AAs.
I have EM17 Tamers trinket (I figured thats the only thing I should splurge on FV) otherwise the rest of gear is uneventful required lev 92 2k/2k stuff (about 55k/55k altogether).

Now the time is coming to upgrade the accounts to gold, however, I would like to avoid upgrading to COTF/ROF if possible just yet.

I actually have a full set of classes at 85 Heroics (as I used to 12 box about 6-7 years ago so went crazy with heroics this March). However, this time I would not want to go gold on more than 3 accounts and I really do not want to box more than 3 this time anyhow. :)

Thus, I could level some other class instead of shaman for 3rd box, possibly BST/DRU/BRD/NEC ? I figured I would need slows at some point, so that's why I went with SHM and since BST would not tank very well, his DPS would not happen. I have 3rd Mage also at 85 still, but not sure if 3Mages > 2mages/1shm
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Re: AA spots at 95 for 2 Mages / SHM ?

Thu May 01, 2014 7:40 am

Two mage and a shaman can go anywhere they want. I would suggest the highest zones for whatever expansion it is you currently are working.

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