After youve done it all..

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After youve done it all..

Tue May 21, 2013 4:13 pm

So My magician is level 100, 4/6 max trade skills. She has nearly 4k AA, max in pet and spell dmg. Shes got t2 group rof armor, augments, her epics 1.0 and 2.0. She even has the ornaments for both. The server im on, you can't transfer off, its called Test server.

this magician has been my main since early May of 2012. I love playing her, when i do, i feel like im in my "Element". I can fight the underdog bosses in hot and voa with ease, and have no problems. however these new Rain of fear, and shadow of fear bosses, are so difficult, i cant fight them solo. even with the j5 Healer. If anyone is from Test, you would know, the beauty of test is that, its a very small population.

Ive tried raiding guilds, and often i was removed or left, because my health didn't allow for long amounts of sitting at my desk, and obviously 15min breaks don't cut it when you have joint and muscle problems, that prevent long sitting. I enjoy the fun of soloing for it allows me to hunt on my own schedule and time. However after months of doing so, and the recent dissolve of the one real fun group/mild raid guild, Strontium. I joined my BF's guild. where its just him and i. And for awhile, that worked for me. But he now works and barely plays, so im often playing alone. The downside to magicians at high lvls, is, we can only tank as good as our pet, and the newer EM dropping mob, is 104, with 22k HP? i wanna say more by what ive heard, he takes 21 RL minutes to fight. :lol: But from what i read, i cannot tank the named.

So my pet is using EM13 from Xorbb. i feel its strong enough. but im one of those people, who always wants the upgrade, if its possible to achieve it. Magicians are overpowered from the beginning. But in my eyes its the human playing , who makes the magician strong. Playing alone has its benefits, but it also has drawbacks. Ive tried three-boxing , i have a 87 necro and 87 chanter , that can join me.

they don't have their j5 but i felt maybe eventually, if they got high enough, i could use them in Shadow of fear zones. However i would love suggestions on different ways to fight in these newer zones, that wouldn't require me to box more toons.

As it can become a hassle very fast, and my computer doesn't exactly enjoy it. Thanks and Happy Hunting fellow magicians! :geek:
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Re: After youve done it all..

Thu May 23, 2013 12:03 pm

I don't know if I have ever felt like I've done it all. Granted, by most standards in EQ, my lovely mage is a new toon, not even a second year reward (but soon ;) ). Not PL'd, though my boyfriend who got me started insisted and I would drive him crazy in my refusals. In that time, I've fought and died, maxed level, maxed aa's, Finished all of VoA quests and missions, finished all of RoF quests and missions. I have some tradeskills maxxed, working on the rest. Hunter will be tackled as well, though camping a spot for more than an hour with no name pop drives me nuts. :lol: If bored or feeling a bit antisocial, I work on other toons as I 2 box (my enchanter is max level and aa's as well). Variety is the spice of my life :) .

I live on Povar, so I am unsure as to the population levels on test server, but currently I busy myself with raiding and helping others. Someone always needs a mission, a task, aa's, levels, gear. I plan on finishing off HoT, UF and many other tasks that I missed in my early months.

I adore this game and am amazed at how many really awesome people play this game. I love the diversity and I love working out different mission mechanics depending on whom I landed in my groups.

As to your boxes, I would get them their j5 merc, my alts get that as soon as they qualify for it. Just makes such a difference. Not sure if I went off on a to title as well as post, me thinks.

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