Pet Focuses and how they affect our pets.

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Re: Done - Pet Focuses and how they affect our pets.

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Danille wrote: Fri Oct 06, 2017 9:11 am Holy crap! What an update! Thanks so much. :mrgreen:
Thanks Danille /bow to our Archmage who runs this forum ;-)

Here the link to the Open office document who includes the links to the proper Allakhazam page for the foci and the 'main' dropped item having the focus :

It's my private hosting service where I have an abonnement (no Dropbox smurf or alike)
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Re: Done - Pet Focuses and how they affect our pets.

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Danille wrote: Sat Sep 30, 2017 12:02 pm With the mage pet nerfs due to the progression servers the old info is probably not all that accurate anyway. Just duel with a friend and when they nuke or hit your pet, look at the damage number, and then look at the % health of pet after it is hit. Then multiply out the difference and you will have an extremely accurate estimate of your pet's total hit points. Should take 2 minutes to come up with an answer.
Danille, they've never changed the pet base HP value as far as I know in the entirety of EQ. The only thing they've done is add more pet focus levels that can affect pets, AAs, or mess around with their mitigation values. The hp information and max hit info found from like the ... brary.html is still quite accurate from my testing.

It's honestly rather unfortunate given the raw player power increases of SoF AC Softcap revamps that retroactively work for low levels, and also the doubling of base hp/mana people got in the SoD era that also all players benefit from on the TLPs but yet Mage pets never got any equivalent bump in hps. Not to mention how melees get that passive out of era AA that increases their melee dmg output by a significant amount but no bump to pet melee dmg. *sigh*
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