Communications Technology

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Communications Technology

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I can remember the very first cellular (they didn't call it that back then) I ever saw. It had a full size telephone handset attached by a cord to a battery the size of a shoebox. You had to carry it around with a shoulder strap because it weighed the better part of 10 pounds. The very first cellular phone I had was about the size of small brick (as a matter of fact, that's what we used to call it).

As the technology got better, the phones got smaller. For a while, you could hide one in a flip-top box of cigarettes.

All kinds of technologies were out there. Take, for example, the 4 business men sitting together at lunch one day.

The coat pocket of business man #1 began to ring. He pulled out a small black flip phone and held a conversation with the person who had called him. Shortly after that, the left hand of business man #2 began to ring. He held his hand to the side of his head, little finger in front of his mouth and thumb at his ear. He too carried on a conversation. It seems he had a microphone embedded in the tip of his little finger and a speaker imbedded in his thumb. Not to be out done, when a telephone call arrived for business man #3, his head started ringing. He actually had a microphone imbedded in his lip and a speaker imbedded in his ear lobe (eat your heart out Bluetooth!). Just before dessert, business man #4 excused himself and headed to the men's room. When he did not check back in short order, one of the other guys went in to check on him. He was squatting in the middle of the floor with his pants down. When the guy asked him if he was okay, he replied "Yeah, I'm waiting for a fax."
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