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Things to do once you've hit the max level cap.
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Just saying hallo

Tue Aug 21, 2012 9:30 am

So often read never post.

Playstyle. 90% of the time bard/mage combo with and without mercs. All content. Expand small group to full based only on if/when im social.

I need to back up summerfrost with post on water pet tanking any voa content with dual merc and basic AA work done. Noting em10 plus. It does get silly post em14. And is not an end all 100% mostly general with adjustments to current fight. And thanks summerfrost I know i bug you with random thoughts or what if this or that things.

Few questions and topics of interest.

Is there any way to focus pet to agro control say 4 mobs? Currently testing to see if an option to manually control pet focus and switch after 1 RS to retarget another. repeat repeat. Rain/AE spell and max DS. About 20% of the time I miss something and get summoned. Trying to expand different ways to clear more mobs.

Anyone beam in content. Something like CoB? Sorry if that is outdated. In and out of game past 6 months to year. Down to 15 -20 hours a month. And I still talk about pet canni to another in real life that plays played EQ.

Am I so outdated?.. im still Conj spec mage that likes to chain RS when that works or multi bind chain nuke when that is ideal. Just adjust as needed.

With mercs. Is there a need to mem a pet heal. I mean i got AA options. My math says under content pet rune spell or AA is of great value that mage driven heal. And with merc im covered right? Just dont see many using caster dps merc over clr is day to day grind.

Also I would like the thank any and all whom have posted, played, or just added to the mage community. Still enjoy the class over all the sub-alt- brain- fart -grass is greener start project classes i attempted over the past 11 years.

Mages rock on.

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